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Skylight Accessories

From VELUX Active to our home automation integration kit, VELUX provides the most technologically advanced products in the skylight industry.



Remote Controls



Whether you’re at home or away, VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO is your home’s climate control and monitoring system. Trusted to create a healthier home environment, VELUX ACTIVE’s sensor-based controls pair with your smartphone and automatically adjust your skylights and blinds for ideal temperature and air quality.


KLB 100 Battery backup

The KLB 100  Battery backup can be used for electrical operated skylights. The battery backup ensures that skylights can be closed and blinds raised in case of power failure.

KLI 310 keypad

The KLI 310 keypad can be used for individual operation of one motor or simultaneous operation of several motors of the same product type using 1-way io-homecontrol® RF. The installation is wireless and battery powered.
KLF 200 can wirelessly control up to 5 solar or electric powered blinds

KLF 200

The KLF 200 wirelessly control up to 5 groups of solar/electric powered skylights or blinds

Manual Controls

VELUX manual controls provide an economical option for controlling VELUX manual venting skylights, roof windows and sunscreening accessories.

ZCT 300 6'-10' Manual telescopic rod

Operates venting units with a smooth-turning operation.

ZXT 200 3'-6' Hook rod

For operation of manual blinds.

ZCT 100 3' Rod extension

Attaches to the ZMT 300, ZCT 300, and ZXT 300 control rods to extend an additional 3'.

ZZZ 201 Crank handle

Handles are available to operate VS skylights in within-reach applications.

ZZZ 212 Crank handle

Handles are available to operate VCM skylights for in-reach applications.

Skylight Shades

Complete your VELUX skylight with a VELUX shade. VELUX skylight shade offer effective sun screening to suit every need. Choose among a variety of colors with manual or electrically/solar powered operation.

VELUX Skylight Accessories