VELUX Online Courses

VELUX has launched online courses for our professionals. They serve as continuing education opportunities for professionals across the country who are looking to further their knowledge of developing trends and ideas.

The courses below are available on-demand. For more continuing education opportunities sponsored by VELUX, including in-person and virtual courses, view our Continuing Education page.
Unitizing Structural Skylights

Unitizing Structural Skylights: An Evolution in Daylighting

Understand the evolution of unitized structural skylights and how innovations have transformed these systems into the 21st century. This course covers popular systems like unitized curtain walls and modular design features and benefits that increase the efficiency of a building and its occupants.
Daylighting & Ventilation Strategies for High Performance Schools and Buildings

Emerging Daylighting & Ventilation Strategies for High Performance Schools & Buildings

This course reviews the definition of a High Performance School as defined by the U.S. EPA and CHPS criteria. Attendees will learn key principles of daylighting through illustrations with multiple skylight systems as tools for effective lighting design strategy. The course will cover the impact of daylight on circadian health and students' learning capabilities. The course will discuss how to achieve a Net Zero building by designing with indoor air quality, daylighting, and passive ventilation strategies.
High Performance Design with Polycarbonate Glazing System Course

High-Performance Design with Polycarbonate Glazing Systems

This presentation addresses polycarbonate glazing systems which provide durable, cost-effective, and sustainable daylighting solutions that are good for both people and the planet. This course covers how polycarbonate glazing systems can improve light quality to increase occupant health, performance, and productivity while delivering unparalleled durability, aesthetics, and extended service life.
Achieving Beauty, Wellbeing, and Functionality in Design Course

Achieving Beauty, Wellbeing, and Functionality in Design

Beauty, functionality, and wellness-enhancements can coexist in design, with the right products. This article explores solutions that help architects achieve these important multi-benefits.
Design as Nature Intended

Design as Nature Intended: Using Skylights to Enhance Wellness Holistically Where We Learn, Work, and Recover

It’s a fact – more than 90% of our time is spent indoors, disconnected from the natural environment. The advent of artificial lighting and digital technology has further altered our life balance, resulting in minimal exposure to the outside, daylight, and fresh air. To regain our natural balance, design in the built environment must be committed to helping bring natural ventilation and abundant daylight to the forefront. The innovative skylights of today create superior daylighting solutions that offer more features and functionalities for a healthier, happier place to learn, work, and recover.