Intelligent home control


Simple control of all your VELUX solar-powered and electric products at your fingertips.
velux Touch klr 300
With VELUX Touch, you only need to reach for the remote to take control of your indoor comfort. VELUX Touch makes it easy to feel perfectly at home by ensuring every solar-powered or electric skylight or shade is always within easy reach. 
VELUX Solar-Powered Skylight in Living Room

Fresh air and daylight within easy reach

Open your shades in the morning to wake up with the sun, open a skylight when the office needs a breath of fresh air or draw shades for family movie night - all with a single remote. In other words, VELUX Touch lets you get more out of every solar-powered or electric VELUX product you already own.


Simple control of all your solar-powered or electric products at your fingertips.


One intuitive remote  designed for easy use by anyone.


Enhance your indoor comfort with a single remote

VELUX Touch, KLR 300

It's easy to get started 

You don't need any technical expertise to install VELUX Touch. To get started follow the installation process in the installation guide (included in the VELUX Touch box) or our online support page, that will guide you through the process step by step.

Adjust daylight and fresh air to your preference
VELUX Touch gives you an all-in-one control for all your solar-powered or electric skylights and shades. It's intuitive design makes it easy for anyone to use it.
Justina Blakney, VELUX Skylights in Kitchen

Ventilate on the go

With the 15 minute ventilation timer, you can air out your room and not worry about closing the skylight afterwards - VELUX Touch will do it for you.

VELUX Touch, KLR 300

Wake up, Touch !

VELUX Touch uses proximity sensors to turn on the screen. All you do is stand in front of it and it activates.

Easy for everyone

VELUX Touch makes it easy for anyone to control a skylight or shade -  with just a tap.
VELUX Touch, KLR 300

Group your VELUX products

Combine all your  VELUX  solar-powered or electric products  and control them all or individually - whatever suits your needs.