Balcony Roof Window

The VELUX Balcony Roof Window can operate as both a roof window and balcony. The upper window is top-hung and opens outwards while the bottom section unfolds into a balcony with side railings giving any homeowner easy access to natural light and fresh air.

  • Designed for installation with a pitch between 35°and 53°
  • The bottom sash can remain open in any position up to an angle of 45°
  • Frame, sash, and ventilation flap are made of lamented pinewood. The ventilation flap is finished with a triple coat.
  • The exterior of the frame and sash features a maintenance-free metal cladding
  • Outer pane can be easily cleaned by rotating the sash 180° after securing it into position with the barrel bolt at the bottom of the frame
Yoga room with VELUX Cabrio Balcony

Product Details

  • 1
    Panoramic Views
    Transform your home by simply opening your VELUX roof balcony and enjoy the panoramic views of nature. It opens in seconds to give your home more space, daylight and fresh air.
  • 2
    The Balcony Roof Window features VELUX ThermoTechnology™ providing excellent energy efficiency, insulation, and an airtight seal through the use of high-performance materials.
  • 3
    Ventilation Flap
    The ventilation flap on the top sash allows fresh air to enter the room through a dust and insect filter.
  • 4
    Easy Maintenance
    The outer pane can be cleaned by rotating the sash 180 degrees after securing it into position with the barrel bolt at the bottom of the frame. While in the cleaning position, the air filter can be removed and washed with ordinary household cleaners.

Balcony Roof Window Sizes

The Balcony Roof Window

A unique combination of roof window and private terrace, the Balcony Roof Window opens easily to allow daylight and fresh air to flow throughout your space. The standard Balcony Roof Window features a wider balcony space for easy access to impressive sky views.

GDL PK19 Size Code

Outside frame (W"xH") 37116 x
Rough opening/ Finished frame (W"xH") 3938 x

The Balcony MK19

The Balcony MK19 is the perfect solution for those who want the private balcony experience but have limited space. Operating like the traditional Balcony Roof Window, the MK19 is smaller and designed to fit perfectly between most roof rafters for an easier, faster, and more budget-friendly installation.

GDL MK19 Size Code
Outside frame (W"xH") 3034 x
Rough opening/ Finished frame (W"xH") 33116 x

Flashing System for GDL

Description Roofing material Roof pitch
Step flashing
Asphalt shingles, wood shakes or slate
High profile flashing
Tile - over 1/2 maximum thickness 35°-53°