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Why Take This Training Course?

With the skylight market in the U.S. expected to grow to nearly 4.5 billion by 2028, there is an exciting opportunity to position your business as a trusted skylight installer. As a Pro Partner, you will be able to offer quality skylight installation services backed by our extensive manufacturer warranty, leading to more profitable returns than standard roof replacement projects.

Benefits of Our Pro Partner Courses:  
All the resources you need to succeed with skylights––absolutely free and at no cost to you.
Proven techniques to specify and sell the right skylight solution to all types of homeowners.
Transform your bottom line with skylights and the hidden profit potential of the power of natural light.

What You Can Expect

VELUX is the world leader in skylight manufacturing, and we want to help you succeed with skylights! Our Pro Partner Academy Courses are designed to empower you to sell and install skylights in any remodeling job you take on.
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Learning Objectives:
  • Learn how to install skylights on various roof types and pitches so you can recommend them with confidence.

  • Pro Partner Skylight Installation Training: 3-4 hours
  • Pro Partner Sun Tunnel Installation Training: 2-3 hours

In this course, you will:
  • Learn about different roof types and pitches
  • Explore the types of Skylights and Flashing Systems available
  • Review safety protocol during an installation
  • Explore various skylight installation techniques
  • Complete hands-on training exercises
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Our training courses are ideal for remodelers and roofers looking to diversify their business.
While there are no requirements, it is recommended that those who attend have general knowledge about skylight installation.
During the course, all necessary materials will be provided for you and your team.
After completing our Pro Partners courses, you will be a Certified VELUX Installer. This partnership is designed to help you grow your business while bringing more light to life in homes across the United States.
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Key Benefits of the Pro Partner Academy