Skylight Replacement

Benefits of Replacing VS Reflashing

At the start of a reroofing job with skylights, you have a choice: reflash the skylights or replace them altogether. While reflashing the skylights may seem like the quicker fix, there are three major benefits to replacing them with new skylights instead.

  • Save Time and Money: The most opportune time to replace a skylight is when you're already up on the roof.
  • Reduce Your Liability: If you don’t replace a skylight, it can sustain frame damage during the reroofing process. Lower the risk of leaks – and callbacks – by replacing any skylights while you’re on the roof for the first time.
  • Coincide Warranties: Homeowners get better overall protection when their roof warranty and skylight warranty are both in sync.

VELUX Venting Skylights
Increase your revenue

Revenue Potential

Replacing a skylight can increase your profits by 28-36% compared to only reflashing or reroofing.

quick and easy installation

An Easy Fix

It takes as little as 30 minutes and a maximum of 2 hours to replace a skylight.

Set yourself a part from competitors with VELUX

Set Yourself Apart

Offer replacement skylights to differentiate yourself from the competition and offer more value to your customer.

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