Also known as VELUX light tubes or VELUX solar tubes

VELUX Sun Tunnel® Skylights are designed to provide natural light into every room of your house.

A VELUX Sun Tunnel® Skylight is easy to install, regardless of your roof type.


Different designs to match your roof style

VELUX Sun Tunnel
Solar Night Light

When the sun goes down, let a
moon-like glow light your way.

Sun Tunnel® Skylight Features

Price Ranges for VELUX Sun Tunnel® Skylight

VELUX SUN TUNNEL™ Skylights are available in 10" and 14". Your installer will help you determine the exact size needed for your space.



VELUX offers a selection of diffusers that softly disperse incoming light while complementing the design of your room.

Add a Sun Tunnel Decorative Diffusers to complete your VELUX Sun Tunnel

VELUX Sun Tunnel® Ridge Skylights