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VELUX 5 Star Skylight Specialist

What is a 5-star specialist?

It's an opportunity to establish a new business transforming customers’ homes and lives with daylight and fresh air. Join an elite group of entrepreneurs dedicated to creating a brighter world.

Skylight Specialist - Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Success happens when you invest in both the Skylight Specialist program and your individual business. While local efforts should result in 40% or more of your leads, VELUX’s lead generation program can help bridge the gap to successfully build your business.
Skylight Specialist - The Opportunity

The Opportunity

Homeowners crave daylight and fresh air, so we want to partner with select entrepreneurs to make their dream a reality. With VELUX products and the individual skills of your team, a wide variety of opportunities exist!

VELUX Skylight Specialist - Invest in your business

Invest in Your Business

Many businesses cost tens of thousands of dollars to start...but not a Skylight Specialist! Your business set-up can be as limited or involved as you like. The most successful Skylight Specialists start out as a small 1-2-person operation and grow into a enterprise.

Skylight Specialist - Power of VELUX brand

Power of VELUX Brand

Leads are essential to any successful business. With a VELUX partnership, you can capitalize on our national advertising program while tailoring your plans for your local market.

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VELUX Support

A powerful combination is created when you couple your local business efforts with the best-selling skylight brand. That’s why VELUX is here to help you succeed.