Venetian Skylight Blinds

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Manually operated venetian skylight blinds are available in eight colors and let you control the direction of incoming light.

Manual venetian skylight blinds are also designed for varying light control while still providing outdoor views. These skylight blinds are designed with an elegant aluminum that is easy to wipe clean and also provide a modest improvement to the overall energy efficiency of the skylight.

VELUX blind kit adapter enables older model skylights (prior to Jan 2010) to be fitted with any current model skylight blind. Available as a special order.




VELUX Pick&Click!® system

VELUX skylights are fitted with pre-installed brackets to ease installation and to help you achieve a perfect fit every time.

Download installation instructions

In-stock factory installed skylight blinds

Currently, one factory-installed skylight blind is available to include in the purchase of your skylight.


Special order Venetian skylight blinds

Special order blinds will ship separately and require a 2-week lead time.


VELUX Venetian Skylight Blinds