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Outdoor spaces can benefit from skylights just as much as any room inside your home. Skylights can keep your porch or sunroom cool by opening to expel hot air and feature a shade to control the amount of incoming light.

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A before and after photo of a large wood porch with six skylights installed on either side of the pointed ceiling

Most popular skylight for a covered outdoor space

VELUX Fresh Air Skylight

When you pair fresh air with natural light, you open your porch or sunroom up to a world of cleaner air and lighter days. Our customers have chosen the VELUX Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylight as the most popular skylight choice to install on a porch or sunroom because of all the benefits it provides.

Why are skylights essential for your outdoor space?

A black and white graphic of a sun with rays

More Sun, More Fun

Who doesn’t want a room filled with light? Skylights on your porch or in your sunroom can create a luminous oasis right in your own home.
A graphic of ventilation from skylights in the roof and openings on the sides of a home

Energy Efficient Ventilation

Venting skylights open, helping release hot air trapped at the top of your ceiling and making room for fresh, cool air to flow through.
A black and white icon shows a sun with its light getting blocked and allowed through a skylight in a roof, showing how blinds control the amount of natural light

Light Control

Control the levels of light in your porch or sunroom right from your hand with VELUX blinds made to fit perfectly with your skylight.
A black and white icon that shows a sun's light coming into the roof of a house, to portray the light coming into a skylight

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Most asked questions

What’s the safest glass for my skylight?

Building codes state that laminated glass should be used for skylights installed out of reach (usually above eight feet). VELUX recommends our Standard Safety Glass, which comes standard on many of our skylights. It’s not only the safest glass we offer, it also stays cleaner longer and reduces noise by up to 25% compared to other standard double-paned glass.

Is there a way to control the amount of light from the skylight?

Absolutely! VELUX offers over 60 different shade options so you can control the amount of light coming in, as well as the style and color that fits best with your porch or sunroom.

How do I clean the outside glass on my skylight?

With our VELUX Standard Safety Glass, your skylight will do the work for you! Any debris that lands on the outside of your skylight will be broken down by our Neat glass coating and washed away the next time it rains.

How do I keep bugs from flying through my skylight and into my sunroom?

With VELUX venting skylights, you don’t have to do a thing to keep bugs from flying through your skylight. Our venting skylights either come with an insect screen or the option to add one to your order so the pesky critters stay out.

Where should I put my skylight?

Knowing where to install your skylight has it challenges and depend on certain elements of your home. We know this, which is why we've partnered with certified VELUX skylight professionals who will survey your home and offer you their advice on the best spot for your skylight. Find an installer in your area, today.

Is it true that skylights leak?

Maybe back in the day. But now with advanced technology, VELUX manufactures skylights with three layers of water protection to prevent any leaks.

What warranties are offered?

As the world leader in roof windows and skylights, we stand behind our products with an industry-leading warranty; it's been a commitment we've kept for over 75 years. Here's our complete warranty guide.