Find an Installer or Do-It-Yourself?

When it comes to installing a skylight in your home, you have the option to do-it-yourself or find an installer near you.

Finding an Installer

Installing your own skylights is no easy task so unless you are an expert, VELUX recommends requesting a consultation with an installer near you. You will end up with less hassle. Learn more on why you should choose a VELUX certified installer.

What happens during a consultation?
During the consultation, an installer will come and assess where you want your skylights. They will be able to tell you how many and what size skylights would be best, as well as the most efficient installation method (deck-mounted or curb-mounted). The installer would also be able to review shade options and accessories with you to complete the look of your skylight.


If you opt to do-it-yourself, installation instructions and videos are available on our website to help you along the way.

A VELUX authorized dealer can provide you with all the VELUX products you need to complete your project.

Replacement Parts

In some cases, you may not need to replace an entire skylight. You can purchase replacement parts by contacting our customer service department at 800-888-3589.

Deck-mounted or Curb-mounted skylight

VELUX skylights come in both deck mounted and curb mounted styles. Your skylight installer is the best person to decide which style works for your home.

New Skylight Cut-Ins

For VELUX experts, installing new skylights is a relatively easy job that happens in two phases: rooftop and interior.

During your consultation, the installer will make note of your project's specific circumstances, including roof pitch, interior light shaft depth, and shape. Then, depending on weather, your installation can take as little as half a day or up to three days.

Up on the roof, your installer will cut a hole and fasten the skylight to the roof with VELUX's patented three layers of water protection. Next, the interior portion of the installation is done, which includes drywall and painting.

Installing a new skylight can qualify you for a 30% federal tax credit on installation and product. VELUX Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylights are eligible for this credit as well as a variety of other solar-powered VELUX products. Learn more about the 30% federal tax credit here.
Installing VELUX skylights

Replacement Skylight

Discover your skylights

Replacing your skylight is easier than you think – and can be done in as little as four hours! Even if your old skylight is in good condition, it's no match for a modern VELUX Skylight when it comes to insulation. With a complete range of skylight models, VELUX Skylight designs ensure more daylight and fresh air in your home. And with over 100 shade colors and pattern choices, you'll find just what you need to suit your home's decor.

Replacement skylights are also eligible for a 30% federal tax credit* on the cost of product and installation when you opt for VELUX Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights or VELUX Fixed or Manual Skylights with Solar Powered Shades.

*Click here to learn more about the federal tax credit.

What if I have a flat ceiling?

Contrary to popular belief, skylights can be installed in both vaulted and flat ceilings. Flat ceilings, however, do require more drywall work, causing a longer installation time.

If you have a flat ceiling, your installer will use drywall to build a shaft from the skylight to direct daylight into the space below. Your installer will then paint the light shaft to match the surrounding ceiling area. And voila! Natural daylight can come right through your roof into the room of your choice.