3 Types of Installations

When it comes to skylights, there are three different types of installation methods: deck-mounted, curb-mounted, and self-flashed. To know which installation is right for a home, a skylight installer or roofer will evaluate the home's roof pitch, roof material, ceiling type, and whether this is a replacement job or a new cut-in. But whatever the method, you're installing the same great skylight that brings in plenty of natural light and fresh air.

Deck Mounted Skylights

Deck-mounted skylights allow for your skylight to have a low profile on your roof and create an energy-efficient installation. With this installtion, your skylight is nailed directly to the roof-deck. Deck-mounted skylights are ideal for new construction homes or for brand new cut-in skylights.

Curb-Mounted Skylight

Curb-mounted skylights are the most common installation preference in low-pitch or flat-roof situations. The "curb" is a frame built mostly of two-by-fours that are attached to the roof. The skylight is then installed on top of the curb. You can imagine it as a shoe box: the curb is the box and the skylight is the top.

Self-Flashed Skylight

Self-flashed skylights differ from both deck- and curb-mounted skylights because their curb and flashing are built into the skylight. No extra flashing kit is needed. The skylight sits directly over the rough opening in the roof deck and is then sealed.