The Skylight Specialist Program is for  people who are interested in partnering with VELUX to install skylights.


We are the world's leading manufacturer of skylights and roof windows. At VELUX, we sell more than just products, we sell daylight and fresh air. For more than 75 years, VELUX has created better living environments by bringing daylight and fresh air into people's homes all over the world. Our products help create bright, healthy, energy-efficient places in which to live, work, learn and play.

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Learn about a 5-Star Skylight Specialist or a 3-Star Skylight Specialist.

Installing VELUX skylights

Program Overview

5-Star Skylight Specialist

A 5-Star Skylight Specialist is a company that primarily focuses on VELUX products. This company will have achieved VELUX's highest standard of certification as an independent installer and will have attained the knowledge to assist customers on all VELUX products.

3-Star Skylight Specialist

A 3-Star Skylight Specialist is a company that focuses on a variety of products as well as VELUX products. This company will have completed VELUX's certification program and will have sufficient knowledge to assist customers in VELUX projects.