The Best Time to Replace A Skylight

The best time to replace a skylight is when you re-roof even if a customer has an older model skylight that hasn't started leaking. When the old roof is removed and a new one's put down, the skylight naturally gets jostled among all the movement, which more often than not leads to leaking. Replacing a skylight while you re-roof eliminates a secondary consultation and another day of construction for the customer. It gives your customers a better product, as well as peace of mind. And since surrounding roofing materials need replacing when you replace the skylight, you're working smarter, not harder, when you knock out both at one time.
Installing a Sun Tunnel takes less than 2 hours!

Four Reasons to Replace

Convincing homeowners they need to replace their skylights can be tricky. Not sure how to talk to your customers about skylight replacement? Here are four reasons for replacement you can use to educate your customers:

Save time and money

The skylights are old and with the roofing crew's work, they're likely to loosen up a bit. Replace them during reroofing to avoid more costly problems later.

Solar tax credit

Customers can get the latest, greatest solar powered skylight models for much less because they're eligible for a federal tax credit on product and installation.

Improved energy efficiency

Simply put, older skylights just aren't energy efficient. On the other hand, the newest VELUX models feature dual-paned glass that provides improved energy efficiency over the old skylights.

Daylight and fresh air

Update skylights for new functionality! VELUX's latest solar-powered models are remote controlled and the blinds are adjusted with the tap of a touchscreen.

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VELUX No Leak Promise

It's all over our website: the VELUX No Leak Promise. But what is it? What does it mean? In order to get ahead of the inevitable "But don't skylights leak?" questions, we decided to not only call our warranty a No Leak Promise, we've also dubbed our deck- and curb-mounted product family the No Leak Skylight.

VELUX skylights that fall under our No Leak Promise carry a 10-year installation warranty, as well as a 20-year warranty on glass, 10 years on product, and 5 years on blinds and controls. Remember: only VELUX skylights installed with VELUX flashing are eligible for the No Leak Promise. To help keep your customers' homes dry and sunny, opt for the very best from VELUX.


VELUX offers a wide variety of products to replace an old skylight or an old sun tunnel with. From solar-powered, electric-powered, or manual skylights, to flexible sun tunnels or rigid sun tunnels, to roof windows, each with their own benefits and features. 

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Installation Instructions & Videos

When installed correctly, a VELUX skylight, roof window, or sun tunnel can provide natural light throughout the homes you build for years to come. All VELUX products come with simple, step-by-step illustrated instructions for installation. PDF versions of the instructions are also available to download on our website. If you're more of a visual learner, you can also take advantage of our installation videos.