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VELUX Energy Performance Model skylights are fixed skylights or manual skylights with a solar-powered blind. The solar-powered blind comes with a touch remote control to adjust blind positioning during different times of the day for optimal energy efficiency.

*VELUX Energy Performance Model skylights qualify for a 30% federal tax credit, resulting in a $730 average savings on product and installation for a new skylight cut-in. In most cases skylights are free!

VELUX Energy Performance Model skylights include: FS, FCM, VS, VCM and QPF and come with your choice of five solar-powered, double-pleated, room darkening blinds that are factory-installed.


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What's included in the Energy Performance
Model box?

Fixed curb mount skylightSkylight
Triple LoE, dual-sealed, argon-gas-filled glass.
Meets ENERGY STAR® requirements in all
climate zones.
Pleated room-darkening blind charcoal
Factory-installed solar blind
Solar-powered, double-pleated, room darkening blind. Boosts energy performance up to 40%. Choose from 5 in-stock colors below.

Energy Performance Model Skylight Options

Seasonal automation optimizes energy efficiency

Reduces energy dependency and maximizes efficiency by allowing the homeowner to control blind positioning or the system to automatically optimize energy performance based on outside conditions.

energy performance winter Blinds automatically close at night during winter months to maximize energy efficiency and reduce heating costs. energy performance summer
Blinds automatically close during the daytime in warm summer months to maximize energy efficiency and reduce cooling costs.

Price Range for a Single Energy Performance Model Skylight Install

With a small investment, you can dramatically transform any room in your home with daylight and fresh air. In the long run, installing skylights will help you save on your utility bills.

Installation Costs

Installation costs will vary according to the skylight model, number of skylights and your ceiling type. Listed below are price ranges for installation of a new, single skylight, including labor for interior and exterior finish work and for replacing an old skylight.

*All calculations are based on the estimated costs for both the product and installation. These estimates were generated assuming a typical installation and use national averages. Actual installation costs will vary from these estimates based on common variables in roof construction and shaft construction. Local delivery costs and applicable sales tax not considered for these estimates. These numbers are provided as estimates only. You must consult your contractor for validation of the actual price paid for your product and installation costs. These numbers are not intended to be used in your tax process for claiming your tax credit.

Installation Options

When it comes to installing a skylight in your home, you have the option to do-it-yourself or find an installer near you. If you opt to do-it-yourself, installation instructions and videos are available on our website to help you along the way.

Installing your own skylights is no easy task so unless you are an expert, VELUX recommends requesting a consultation with an installer near you. You will end up with less hassle.

What should you expect during a consultation?

During a consultation, an installer will come and assess the room the skylights will be placed in. The installer will be able to tell you what size skylights and how many would be best for that room and what installation style would be most efficient (e.g. deck mounted or a curb mounted). The installer would also be able to review blind options with you to complete the look of your skylight.

What should you expect during installation?

A skylight installation happens in two phases: rooftop and interior. Depending on the circumstances, such as roof pitch, interior light shaft depth and shape, and weather, installations can take between a half-day and three days. The rooftop portion of the installation includes cutting the hole and fastening the skylight to the roof with the three layers of protection found in VELUX No Leak Skylights.

It takes about a half-day per skylight to complete the interior portion of the installation, which includes drywall and painting (unless an Instant Light Shaft is used). Installers will make every effort to protect your home’s interior from dust and other installation debris. Often, they will construct a curtain of plastic sheeting around the space in your ceiling where the skylight will be installed to contain dust.

What if I have a flat ceiling?

Flat ceilings require more drywall work than vaulted ceilings. If you have a flat ceiling, your installer will use drywall to build a shaft from the skylight to direct the daylight into the room. Your installer will paint the light shaft to match the surrounding ceiling area.

Watch our short video to see how a simple skylight light shaft can dramatically change your indoor environment.

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