Light. Day and Night.

Stay in the Light

Have the light you need at night with the soft glow from the solar night light.

Solar Battery

The VELUX Solar Night Light captures available sunlight to charge its concealed battery and power the night light’s LED bulbs.

Discreet Illumination

Fits inside your sun tunnel for a discreet appearance.

Disclaimer: The Solar Night Light’s battery performance is dependent upon the following: the duration and amount of available daylight; the type of sun tunnel and placement on roof; size and length of the sun tunnel; position of the Solar Night Light in the sun tunnel.

To ensure better battery performance of the Solar Night Light, adhere to the following conditions: mount the Solar Night Light on a shorter tunnel with a large diameter; install sun tunnel on a southern exposure, pointing towards the sun. If the Solar Night Light still does not provide continuous light, adhere to these conditions: position the Solar Night Light towards the top of the sun tunnel; position the Solar Night Light with solar panels facing towards the sun.