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Before you prepare your application, make sure you have carefully read the job advertisement. If the role is of interest to you and you think you will be a good match, we encourage you to apply! Please apply through the apply link provided in the job advertisement. A great application is typically short and to the point, reflecting your professional and personal profile and motivation to join us in the position you are applying for. For general questions related to the recruitment procedure at one of our locations, check our list of FAQs. Here, you will find answers to frequent questions from applicants.
Can I apply for more than one job at the same time?
Do you receive unsolicited applications?
Do you run specific tests?
How do I know that VELUX has received my application?
How do I submit my application?
How is my application evaluated?
How should I prepare for an interview?
In what language should I write my application?
What does it take to get a job at the VELUX Group?
What level of English proficiency do you require?
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The Employee Foundation

At the VELUX Group, we believe in taking good care of our employees. One of the ways we do this is through the Employee foundation, through which we aim to support the well-being of all employees in the VKR Group.
Meet some of your future colleagues
If there is one thing that makes a difference here, it is the people who work here.

How Marie pushes sustainability to the next level

Change, challenges and new ideas are a big part of VELUX. And they are also a big part of Marie’s nature. With a background in Sustainable Forest Management she uses her passion for wood and nature to make VELUX even more sustainable every single day – especially through circularity which means reducing and reusing to make the most out of the resources we need.

How two simple things mean everything to Claus

When asked what makes Claus come into work, he boils it down to two things: “First of all, it is the people who work here. There is a special trust and bond between us. Second, a good idea can come from anywhere and everyone here is encouraged to speak their mind – and I certainly do. Perhaps that is why I work as a good link between the production and development teams today”.

For students and graduates

If you are still studying or have recently graduated, you might be interested in a bright opportunity to further develop yourself within the VELUX Group. You could strengthen your competencies through a student job, apprenticeship, internship, or perhaps even write your project or thesis in collaboration with us.
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At the VELUX Group there are many opportunities. From R&D and production to management and sales, we are almost sure to have one that is right for you. So why not take a look, right away?