LAS VEGAS, Jan. 21-23, 2020 – From retail spaces and warehouses to airports and shopping malls, the expanded commercial skylight product offering from VELUX can help make commercial spaces not only energy efficient, but also healthy and happy places for employees and customers alike.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, people on average spend 90% of their time indoors, so it’s increasingly important to create workplaces that include natural light, fresh air and connections to nature through views. A recent YouGov Survey, commissioned by VELUX, noted that 63% of U.S, participants said they only spend one hour or less a week in nature. However, most adults say more time in nature positively affects their health and well-being, and studies1 show that people are more productive when they have more access to nature in their places of work. Other studies2 have even found that retail spaces with skylights can boast a 40% increase in sales over those without skylights.

“Making not only our homes, but our offices and retail spaces healthier, is becoming increasingly important as studies show the benefits of exposure to nature,” said Ross Vandermark, national product manager for VELUX America. “And now, with an abundance of customizable options, businesses have the option to not only incorporate daylight and save on electrical lighting costs but also customize their specific designs to include skylights that open for ventilation and have blinds for light control.”

Structural skylight systems offer limitless design possibilities with sizes and shapes to fit any architectural vision. Many of the framing systems support spans of up to 40 feet with glazing options including energy efficient glass, hurricane-rated glass and polycarbonate. Structural skylights are available in Cluster and Extruded Gutter Systems, Continuous Vault Systems, Double Pitch, Extended Pyramid, Lean-To, Low Profile, Octagonal Pyramid, Single Pitch, Square Pyramid and Structural Ridge.

Ideal for warehouses or big box retail spaces, the Dynamic Dome commercial skylight is engineered to capture more daylight in the early morning and late afternoon. This innovative design allows the building’s lights to stay off nearly an extra hour per day, and research shows that these skylights let in an extra hour of daylight every day compared to its competitors.

“The Dynamic Dome is a great option for warehouse, manufacturing plant or distribution center operators looking to save on electrical lighting costs and create more positive workplaces for employees,” continued Vandermark. “By incorporating daylight, business owners can provide healthier spaces designed to boost worker morale and productivity.”

For projects where daylight and ventilation are priorities look to VELUX Modular Skylights (VMS), which use a prefabricated system that requires no on-site glazing to save time and allow for installation in nearly any weather condition. The VMS system comes in customizable designs available in both fixed and venting skylights, with both designed to look identical in the closed position. VELUX offers six VMS configurations:

  • Longlight 5-25° - A single series of modular skylights with a low-pitch design that provides a great option for larger rooms, corridors and hallways
  • Wall-Mounted Longlight 5-25° - A series of skylights that innovatively mount against a vertical wall
  • Northlight 40-90° - Bands of modular skylights that are raised to allow sunlight into below rooms. The upright design makes it a great choice for installations that face the Northern Hemisphere
  • Ridgelight 25-40° - Made of two symmetrical rows of self-supporting skylights that allow light and openness into areas below
  • Atrium Longlight 5-25° - Multiple rows of longlights, supported only by structural beams, create a symmetrical design of venting and fixed units
  • Atrium Ridgelight 25-40° - Multiple rows of ridgelights, supported only by structural beams, create a symmetrical design of venting and fixed units

The VMS system comes in three module options including the Fixed Skylight Module; Motorized Comfort Venting Skylight Module, which opens to 410mm; and the Motorized Smoke Venting Skylight Module, which opens to 700mm in less than 60 seconds. Each module is watertight, airtight, durable, energy efficient and available in either two- or three-layer glazing options.

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