ORLANDO, Fl., April 27-29, 2017 – VELUX, the world leader in skylights and roof windows, is encouraging homeowners who are looking to upgrade their interior décor to look up to the “fifth wall.” This typically unused ceiling space – or fifth wall of the room – can be enhanced to add pops of color, unique style and even natural light and fresh air to any room. 

“For years, we have been showcasing the benefits of bringing natural light and fresh air indoors,” said Ross Vandermark, national product manager for VELUX America. “Now, we want homeowners to understand how skylights can transform the ceiling into a design element that opens up the room to new possibilities.”

Current interior design trends show an increased use of vibrant colors, creative wallpapers and even wood cladding on ceilings, aiming to integrate the fifth wall into a room’s overall decor. When combined with skylights, these fifth wall design features can be more appealing to the eye while making the room feel more open and comfortable overall. 

“Skylights bring much more than natural light into a space. They give occupants the feeling of being outdoors with elements like a sky view, gentle breezes and the smell of fresh air,” Vandermark said. “By fully incorporating the fifth wall into a room’s décor, homeowners can create beautifully designed rooms that engage all of the senses.”

VELUX skylights provide balanced, natural light from above that make colors appear truer while enhancing interior décor. Incorporating natural light into the design of a room can free up wall space for cabinetry or artwork and make small rooms feel larger. For added flare and light control, homeowners can add blinds to their VELUX skylight, choosing from more than 100 colors and styles.

To learn more about why skylights are the perfect addition to a fifth wall design, visit AIA Expo booth 3763 or join us online at www.whyskylights.com
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VELUX is the world leader in skylights and roof windows and is one of the strongest brands in the global building materials sector. VELUX products are available nationwide through home centers, building material suppliers, lumberyards and independent door, window or roofing retailers. Consumers can locate local suppliers and installers and access information on skylight selection and the benefits of bringing more natural light and fresh air into the home by visiting www.veluxusa.com or www.whyskylights.com. VELUX skylights are made in America in Greenwood, South Carolina.