ORLANDO, Fl., April 27-29, 2017 – VELUX Dynamic Dome commercial skylights combine architectural elegance with increased light harvesting capabilities to bring more natural light inside warehouse-style buildings for a longer amount of time resulting in savings on electrical lighting costs.

The geometric pattern of ridges and ribs improves light harvesting by presenting a flat wall to the sun when it’s at low angles, so light is captured and transmitted to the interior of the building rather than bouncing off. 

“For managers of warehouse-style buildings, we know that electrical lighting represents a significant operating cost, so it’s a race each day to turn off the lights in favor of free, natural daylight,” said Ross Vandermark, national product manager for VELUX America. “In product simulations, Dynamic Dome skylights harvested up to 56 more minutes of additional sunlight per day, for a potential yearly lighting savings of up to 340 hours.”

The shape also makes the product strong and architecturally pleasing. It withstood an impact cannon test in which a two-by-four board was fired at the skylight at 40 mph. The skylight carries a 15-year warranty against breakage of the polycarbonate glazing from hail stones up to 2 inches. 

VELUX Dynamic Dome skylights, which are manufactured in Greenwood, South Carolina, are shipped nested for efficient rooftop staging and savings on freight charges. A handhold called “The Ledge” makes it easy and efficient for installers to move the skylights from the nested stack to pre-installed curbs.

While the design allows more sunlight in, it also keeps the other elements out with a fail-safe proprietary wicking system that evacuates condensation to the exterior of the skylight and a secured thermal seal encapsulating design that provides an impenetrable water barrier with a 100 percent thermally broken skylight frame.

Sizes, configurations and glazings

  • Available in all common industry sizes; custom sizes can be manufactured in other dome types.
  • Four standard glazing options: Impact Modified Acrylic, LuxGuard Polycarbonate, LuxGuard Plus Polycarbonate and General Purpose Acrylic. Impact Modified Acrylic and LuxGuard carry basic certifications while LuxGuard Plus has basic certifications and meets the requirements for Impact/High Velocity Hurricane Zones.
  • A broad variety of outer and inner dome combinations are available. The standard clear, smooth outer dome over a white prismatic inner dome provides 100 percent diffusion of light and delivers 20 percent more light than a skylight that uses prismatic as both the inner and outer dome.
  • Three single- or double-insulated curb models are available in galvanized steel or aluminum in varying heights. Exterior safety screens and interior safety/security mesh fall protection is also offered.

For more information, visit www.veluxusa.com/dynamic-dome
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VELUX is the world leader in skylights and roof windows and is one of the strongest brands in the global building materials sector. VELUX products are available nationwide through home centers, building material suppliers, lumberyards and independent door, window or roofing retailers. Consumers can locate local suppliers and installers and access information on skylight selection and the benefits of bringing more natural light and fresh air into the home by visiting www.veluxusa.com or www.whyskylights.com. VELUX skylights are made in America in Greenwood, South Carolina.