PHILADELPHIA, PA – MAY 19-21, 2016 – VELUX® America is expanding its commercial skylight product selection with the introduction of the VELUX Dynamic Dome Commercial Skylight line. The Dynamic Dome line joins the recently introduced Venting Modular Skylight (VMS) line and the VELUX SUN TUNNEL tubular skylight line to provide a much broader product selection for commercial daylighting and ventilation needs.

VELUX Dynamic Dome Skylight Line

VELUX Dynamic Dome commercial skylights will balance light transmittance, industry structural demands, and architectural elegance while contributing significantly to reducing lighting costs, says Ross Vandermark, national product manager for VELUX America. The product launch is scheduled for mid-July of this year.

“The Dynamic Dome is engineered to reflect less light and to harvest more light,” he says, “especially in the early morning and late afternoon. The focus of the design is on maximizing low sun angle performance. This can result in significantly reduced energy costs as electric lights can be turned off earlier in the day and will not have to be turned back on until later in the day.”

The new skylights will be similar in function to VELUX SUN TUNNEL™ SunCurve commercial skylights but will harvest light through basic dome geometry whereas the SunCurve design utilizes prisms to direct more light into a structure. Vandermark says that the new Dynamic Dome line joins the recently introduced Venting Modular Skylight (VMS) line and the VELUX SUN TUNNEL tubular skylight line to provide a much broader product choice for commercial daylighting and ventilation needs.

The VELUX Dynamic Dome skylights, which are manufactured in Greenwood, SC, utilize a number of innovative new features.

Light Harvesting – The sidewalls of the domes are engineered to closely match the angles of the sun during low-light periods of the morning and evening to harvest and transfer more light indoors. Dome height has been optimized to harvest more light and is higher than traditional commercial skylights.

Industry Leading Strength and Appearance – By integrating a repeating pattern of ridges and ribs based on the geometry of an octahedron, the Dynamic Domes offer uncompromising strength with a visually stunning architectural design.

Superior Water Management – A fail-safe proprietary wicking system evacuates condensation to the exterior of the skylight.

Secure Thermal Seal – The domes incorporate an encapsulating design that provides an impenetrable water barrier with a 100 percent thermally broken skylight frame.

Competitive Market Pricing – VELUX has invested heavily in new manufacturing equipment and procedures that create greater production efficiencies. Also, more skylights per truckload can be shipped due to the compact nesting nature of the domes, allowing for compounded savings in freight.

Architectural Elegance – The Dynamic Dome is a patent-pending design. The unique design and appearance compliments the functionality of the domes and they will be easily recognized as a distinctive quality product.

Standard and Custom Sizes

All common industry sizes will be available in the Dynamic Dome line and custom sizes can be manufactured in other dome types.

Configurations and Glazings

A broad variety of outer and inner dome combinations are available. The standard clear smooth outer dome over a white prismatic inner dome provides 100 percent diffusion of the light and delivers 20 percent more light than a skylight that uses prismatic as both the inner and outer dome.

Four standard glazing options will be available: Impact Modified Acrylic , LuxGuard Polycarbonate, LuxGuard Plus Polycarbonate and General Purpose Acrylic. Both Impact Modified Acrylic and LuxGuard will carry basic certifications while LuxGuard Plus will have basic certifications and also meet the requirements for Impact/High Velocity Hurricane zones.

Curbs and Fall Protection

Three insulated single- or double-insulated curb models in varying heights will be available in galvanized steel or aluminum. Exterior safety screens and interior safety/security mesh fall protection will also be available. VELUX is an ENERGY STAR partner and has been recognized as a Partner of the Year. For more information visit

VELUX Modular Skylights (VMS) Line

VELUX introduced its VMS line of commercial skylights to the US in 2015. Designed in cooperation with architects from London-based Foster + Partners, ventilation and sun screening components are subtly integrated within the skylight design. These modular skylights mark a shift in the evolution of traditional commercial skylighting. This fully prefabricated skylight concept offers the same benefits to commercial buildings that VELUX residential skylights offer to residences. Vandermark says that VELUX has partnered with Foster+Partners in the installation of various models of the skylights in a number of locations. “Nearly 400 of the skylights have been specified for the new international airport in Panama City, Panama and an installation has been completed at Cornell University, the home of the first four-year architectural school in this country,” he says.

According to Mike Rhoden, commercial sales representative with VELUX, the skylight system is unique to VELUX and to the skylight world where commercial daylighting is concerned. “There is no structural framing between the skylights,” he says, “where typically with commercial skylights the opening is filled with a costly metal framework and then individual sections of glass are wet-glazed into place. That overall process can be quite time-consuming and reliant on ideal weather conditions to apply the sealants.”

The VMS modular skylight system is a complete, unitized system that is fitted over the opening on a site-built curb.” Rhoden says that the system offers installation speed with a pre-designed, pre-engineered system with no value engineering necessary in the field. “There is no caulking, no putty, no welding, no boring, no soldering required – it’s a complete package solution,” he says, “and all dealers have access to the product.”

The skylights are available in fixed and venting configurations and shades are custom-built for each unit. Custom sizing, colors and glazings are also available and VELUX pre-installs everything in a quality-controlled manufacturing environment where all electronics are bench-tested before leaving the factory.

Commenting on energy efficiency considerations, Rhoden points out that the VELUX-supplied control system allows for integration of the shades and skylight window motors into a building energy management system. “This not only provides daylight and fresh air,” he says, “but also enables automated climate control to help offset HVAC energy loads. “Foster+Partners was instrumental in not only choosing materials for the product but in the design and in making sure that aesthetically we took commercial skylights to a different level,” Rhoden says. For more visit

VELUX Commercial SUN TUNNEL™ Skylight Line

VELUX introduced its next generation commercial SUN TUNNEL™ skylights in 2014 when key improvements were made and a number of accessories were added.

The VELUX SunCurve System was added to the 22” diameter model for better light collection and energy performance. For faster and easier installation, the Flexi-Loc™ tunnel assembly system was introduced. Vandermark says that the SunCurve System, a highly transmissive light capturing technology for commercial SUN TUNNELS, captures more morning and evening daylight while diffusing the powerful afternoon sunlight to provide a more even and appealing light output throughout the day.

“The Flexi-Loc™ tunnel assembly system, which utilizes clips rather than screws, enables installers to save approximately 50 percent of the time required for tunnel assembly while making quick, easy, and adjustable connections,” Vandermark says.

In addition to the SunCurve dome configuration, a full line of 14” and 22” standard commercial SUN TUNNELS is available. Commercial ceiling options include hard, suspended and open, while diffuser options include frosted for aesthetics, prismatic for a look and feel to match existing architectural design, and Fresnel to maximize light distribution.

VELUX is an ENERGY STAR partner and has been recognized as a Partner of the Year. For more information, visit commercial skylights or

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