Production Guidelines Timetable

These guidelines should be used to plan projects. Actual times may vary due to other major projects on the list or because of the complexity of your job. this is especially true during the months of October through March when product changes are introduced into the literature for the coming year. Every effort is made to meet the deadlines. If a designer finds that he/she will not be able to meet your deadline, you will be contacted, and together you will come up with another acceptable date.
Project Type Design/Routing Printing/Shipping Total Time
Simple One Page 2-3 weeks 1-3 weeks 3-6 weeks
Complex One Page 3-4 weeks 1-3 weeks 4-7 weeks
Simple Tri-fold 3-4 weeks 1-3 weeks 4-7 weeks
Complex Tri-fold 4-5 weeks 1-3 weeks 5-8 weeks
Larger Book or Complex Flyer 5-6 weeks 1-3 weeks 6-9 weeks
Advertisement 2-3 weeks
NA 2-3 weeks
Email Marketing
Email Template 1-3 weeks 24 hours 1-3 weeks
Boxes - Initial Design 2-3 weeks Purchasing Dept handles printing
Boxes - Additional SKUs 1-5 days Purchasing Dept handles printing
POP Displays and Signage
Simple 2-3 weeks Merchandising Dept handles printing
Complex 3-6 weeks Merchandising Dept handles printing
Cleanup/picture substitution 2-4 weeks 1-5 days 2-5 weeks
Concept/Design/Creation 3-8 weeks 1-5 days 3-9 weeks
Basic Image 2-3 weeks N/A 2-3 weeks
Complex image or series 3-8 weeks N/A 3-9 weeks
Animation 2-5 weeks 24 hours 3-5 weeks
Web Content
Simple Page or edit 1-3 weeks n/a 1-3 weeks
Complex Page or Multiple pages 2-4 weeks n/a 2-4 weeks
*Most literature projects with quantities of less than 600 will be printed in-house. You can substitute 1-3 days for the printing/shipping timetable for these projects. However, if they need to be trimmed or laminated, add another 4-5 days to the printing/shipping timetable.