Fixing an issue

Having an issue with your VELUX Touch? We are here to help.

Using VELUX Touch

Why is the display blinking frequently?
Why is the display buttons disappearing?
Why does the product not move when I have selected the position?
How do I control the products individually when I have created a group?
How do I stop all product operation in an emergency situation?
How do I switch between rooms?
How often do I need to replace the batteries?
What is the optimal use of VELUX Touch?

Quick action buttons

Can I define more ventilation timers?
How do I change the ventilation duration temporarily?
How do I assign specific products to the Quick action Close all products?
How do I edit the Quick action Close all products temporarily?
How do I select specific products to be operated silently?

Managing my products

How many products can I add to my VELUX Touch?
How do I copy the contents of my VELUX Touch?
How do I add a wall switch (KLI 31x) to my product?
How do I add non-VELUX products to my control?