Product copy has failed!

Product copy has failed!

Unfortunately, the copy of products could not be completed.

As this can be caused by various reasons, we kindly ask you to be aware of below requirements before initiating the copy once again.

  1. Always verify that your existing control can control the product(s) to be copied to your VELUX Touch before you start the preparation of the copying.
  2. Always keep the control from which to copy physically close (30-50 cm) to your VELUX Touch during the copy.
  3. Always scan the QR code with your mobile phone to get the required (detailed) instructions on how to prepare for the copy.
    Note: For the pre-paired controls (KLI 311/KLI 312/KLI 313), instructions on how to prepare for the copy is provided directly on your VELUX Touch.
  4. Always complete all steps provided in the instructions before starting the search for products from your VELUX Touch.
  5. Always start the product search from your VELUX Touch within a maximum of 2 minutes after having completed the product copy preparation on your existing control.

Hint: You can always add products to your VELUX Touch one by one if you have more controls to copy from.
Please refer to ‘Personalizing VELUX Touch’ > ‘Add products’.

Please try the copying once again having the above requirements in mind.