A new Smart Home player

A new player has hit the market, and as a VELUX INTEGRA owner you are now able to choose from two Smart Home solutions for your INTEGRA products.

In May 2021, the new VELUX APP (KIG 300 EU) was launched. This is a solution for Smart Home users, who want the great benefits of VELUX ACTIVE but are not quite ready for climate automation yet. In this article we will specify the difference between the two products.  

How does it work?

VELUX ACTIVE follows contemporary technology trends by providing users with sensor-based data about their indoor climate, which they have never been able to obtain before. VELUX ACTIVE uses these data for operating VELUX products automatically to provide the best possible indoor climate.

VELUX APP on the other hand, does not include any sensors, and this is the main difference between the two solutions. VELUX APP is a great starting point, for people who wants to join the Smart Home world but are still not comfortable with sensor-based automations.

2 solution 1 platform

VELUX APP users are always able to add sensors to their solution and hereby upgrade to VELUX ACTIVE, as the two solutions are both built on the VELUX ACTIVE with Netatmo platform.

When you, as a VELUX APP user are searching for support in our FAQ, you can find help through the exact same questions as the VELUX ACTIVE users. Although support questions regarding sensors will not be relevant to you.


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Hey Google, Apple HomeKit

Hey Google, Apple HomeKit


Hey Google, Apple HomeKit and Somfy sunscreening products

Hey Google, Apple HomeKit and Somfy sunscreening products

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