KLR touchscreen remote in hand

Remote controls

From our innovative KLR 200 remote control to our home automation integration kit, VELUX provides the most technologically advanced products in the skylight industry.
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KLR 200 Intelligent touch remote control

Included with your solar or electric skylight is the Intelligent touch remote control powered by VELUX INTEGRA®. With the touch-sensitive screen and easilyunderstood icons, programming skylights has become simpler than ever.
KLR touchscreen remote

KLC 500 Power supply for electrical blinds

The KLC 500 control unit is used for operation of up to 5 electrical products of the same product type in VELUX skylights. The products are operated via an io-homecontrol® activation control. It can be used with VELUX skylights as well as decoration and sunscreening products.

KLI 110 RF keypad

The KLI 110 RF keypad can be used for individual operation of one motor or simultaneous operation of several motors of the same product type using 1-way io-homecontrol® RF. The installation is wireless and battery powered.

KLF 100 Home automation integration kit

The KLF 100 Interface is used when io-homecontrol® products are to be controlled by external control devices that are not io-homecontrol® compatible as e.g. external sensors or BUS systems. The interface can activate one product or a group of products of the same product type.

KLB 100 Battery backup

The KLB 100  Battery backup can be used for electrical operated skylights. The battery backup ensures that skylights can be closed and blinds raised in case of power failure.
Venting skylights with blue blinds


Complete your VELUX skylight with a VELUX blind. VELUX blinds offer effective sun screening to suit every need. Choose among a variety of colors with manual or electrically/solar powered operation.

Hand crank

Manual controls

VELUX manual controls provide an economical option for controlling VELUX manual venting skylights, roof windows and sunscreening accessories.

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ZMT 300 6'-10' Motorized telescopic rod

Rechargeable, battery-operated rod allows easy operation of manual venting units.

ZCT 300 6'-10' Manual telescopic rod

Operates venting units with a smooth-turning operation.

ZXT 200 3'-6'7" Hook rod

For operation of manual blinds.

ZCT 100 3' Rod extension

Attaches to the ZMT 300, ZCT 300, and ZXT 300 control rods to extend an additional 3'.

ZZZ 201 Crank handle

Handles are available to operate VS skylights in within-reach applications.

ZZZ 212 Crank handle

Handles are available to operate VCM skylights for in-reach applications.

Trim kit 2

Skylight trim kit

Replacing a skylight just got a lot easier! With the new VELUX skylight ZZZ 213 trim kit you can say good bye to interior trim work.


  • Provides clean interior finish when replacing older "flush-mount" or "drop-in" style roof windows/skylights; ie, GGL
  • Can be completely installed from roof, no interior trim work
  • No need to order custom sized skylights. Use with standard VELUX models VS, VSE, and FS
  • One size fits skylights up to an outside frame dimension of 47 1/4" by 55"
  • Vinyl extrusion provides versatility in finishing skylight well
  • Wood capping provides versatility in replacement fit
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Notice the difference of the retrofit without the trim kit and the retrofit with the trim kit.
Trim kit before
Trim kit after

Sunscreen tray

Sunscreening accessory tray

The sunscreening accessory has Pick&Click!™ brackets built in to provide access to a wide range of blinds and controls for fixed curb mount skylights

Installation of the sunscreening accessory tray is fast and easy. It can be installed in new or existing applications in minutes.

Sun screen accessory adapter kit

Enables prior model skylights to be fitted with any of our current model blinds. Available as special order. For models manufactured prior to January 1, 2010.

Sunscreen adapter kit