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Designed for curb and deck mounted installations, the VELUX Manual "Fresh Air" skylight enables any home to embrace the best of what nature has to offer. Opening for maximum fresh air, the venting skylight contributes to a home's proper moisture balance and comfort level by allowing stale, humid air to be released.

Manual venting skylight curb and deck mounted
Curb mounted skylight model VCM (top) &
Deck mounted skylight model VS (bottom)

Convenient manual control

Our manual skylights are easily opened and closed with VELUX control rods when installed out-of-reach. A smooth turning handle is available when skylights are installed within reach.

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Benefits of a Manual "Fresh Air" skylight

Man presenting skylight

Convenient: Easily opens and closes with manual crank handle

Man installing skylight

Economical: No need for costly wiring or electricity.

Team installing skylight

Sleek Design: A low-profile design blends in with your roof

What is Clean, Quiet & Safe glass?

Clean, Quiet, and Safe Glass

Tempered glass

(recommended for in-reach applications)

Ordinary glass: water beads higher on rough surface, causing more spots and greater cleaning need

Clean, Quiet, and Safe Glass

Clean, Quiet & Safe glass

(recommended for out-of-reach applications)

Clean, Quiet & Safe glass: the smooth surface disperses water evenly - removing dirt more quickly while reducing water spots

Clean, Quiet & Safe glass is also available in the following options:

Miami-Dade (xx07) available on: FCM; White laminated (xx08) available on: VSE, VCE, VS, VCM, FS, FCM, QPF; Snowload (xx10) available on: VSE, VCM, VS, VCM, FS, FCM; Impact (xx06) available on: VSE, VCE, VS, VCM, FS, FCM, QPF

Much more than just a window

Skylights can dramatically change a room. They’re the fastest way to add natural light, fresh air, and the feeling of openness to your under roof spaces. The impact in terms of daylight and fresh air, not to mention the view, is stunning.




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VELUX Manual Fresh Air Skylight