Decorative diffuser

Ceiling level decorative diffusers that transform daylight into a decorative style that complements any décor. 

Brushed nickel

Polished brass

Oil rubbed bronze


ZTK Daylight controller with KES Power supply for controller

Allows the user to control the amount of daylight that enters a room and perfect for rooms that require room darkening.

Power supply for VELUX SUN TUNNEL skylights light control devices.

ZTC Energy kit

Designed to increase the energy efficiency of the VELUX SUN TUNNEL skylight and enables your SUN TUNNEL to exceed the ENERGY STAR® requirements.

ZTR Rigid tube

24” tunnel sections manufactured with the Flexi Loc™ tunnel connector system that reduces tunnel installation time in half and delivers the highest quality daylight into the space below.

ZTE Elbows

A durable and easy to operate elbow that can be used at thetop, bottom, or middle of your installation. Multiple elbows can be joined together with rotating couplers to form a 90° degree bend or any configuration needed to maneuver around obsticles.

ZTK 014 manual blackout shade

Installs in minutes, easy to operate, blocks out the light when not wanted.

For 10" and 14" SUN TUNNEL skylights.

Tile flashing kit

A tile flashing kit is available for SUN TUNNEL skylights being installed on tile roofs.

Flexible extension tube

Flexible extension tubes are available for flexible SUN TUNNEL skylights.

ZTA Turret

For applications where the SUN TUNNEL skylight dome needs to be raised above the height of our standard product.

ZTL Night light kit

The VELUX ZTL electric light kit enables flexible and rigid VELUX SUN TUNNEL skylights to be used as a light source even at night.