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Light filtering blinds

Roller blind

No longer is direct sunlight an issue. The VELUX roller blind softens and diffuses the light that will enter your room.  Perfect for rooms when diffused light is desired such as kitchens and living rooms.


Order your roller blind today
You will have an opportunity to receive additional savings and free installation if you order your roller blind while you order your skylighty and flashing.  If you are ordering after the skylight is installed, blinds can be ordered through our online blind shop or by talking to one of our Customer Service Representatives.


Product details

  • Light diffusing material - tight design and light diffusing fabric allows soft, diffused light to enter the room.
  • Color - white (color 1028)
  • Glare control - diffuses direct sunlight to significantly reduce or eliminate glare on your TV or computer screen, which increases the versatility of the room.

30% federal tax credit

KLR 100 advanced RF remote ZCT 300 manual control

Block the light using only the power of the sun.  No wiring.  No electrician.  Operated via KLI keypad.

Available for FS, VS, FCM, VCM and QPF skylights
Operated via our advanced RF remote.

Available for FS, VSE, FCM, VCE and QPF skylights
Operated manually for in reach applications or via rod.

Available for FS, FCM and QPF skylights


The electrical light filtering blind and the solar powered light filtering blind is for installation on VELUX skylights.

The light filtering  blind has the following functions: Regulation of light: Diffuses light, provides basic privacy and control of sunlight, decoration.