VELUX suggestions for the bedroom

Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylights

One large VELUX Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylight flanked by two smaller VELUX skylights can add an interesting design element to your bedroom. The convenience of the solar powered skylights makes it easy to open the windows remotely so you can enjoy the rich daylight and soft breeze flowing through the room year-round. Control the amount of light that enters the room with the addition of VELUX room darkening, solar powered blinds.

VELUX Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylights and VELUX solar powered blinds qualify for a 30% federal tax credit. Find out how much you can save with the federal tax credit calculator.

Energy Performance Model Skylights (Fixed Skylight)

Fixed skylights add a new dimension to any room, bringing in additional natural daylight that brightens up the space. Not only do you achieve privacy when you add VELUX blackout, solar powered blinds, but you will also be eligible to receive a 30% federal tax credit for both product and installation.


VELUX blinds

Complete your VELUX skylight with a VELUX blind. VELUX blinds offer effective sun screening to suit every need. Choose among a variety of colors with manual or electrically/solar powered operation.

  • Room darkening skylight blinds
    VELUX double pleated or flat skylight blind can convert day into night, blocking even the brightest sunlight, which makes it ideal for rooms that require total room darkening, such as bedrooms.
  • Light filtering skylight blinds
    VELUX light filtering skylight blind softens and diffuses the light that will enter your room. Perfect for rooms where diffused light is desired such as kitchens and living rooms.
  • Venetian skylight blinds
    VELUX Venetian skylight blind give you control over both the amount and direction of light, making it perfect for any room where light control and aesthetics are important.

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