Orion – supported living centre

When the light shines through

VELUX Modular Skylights created light and possibilities

With the installation of the four large longlights, Orion in Hillerød is one of the first buildings in Denmark to discover the advantages of VELUX Modular Skylights. Orion is a socialpsychiatric supported living centre for people that require a peaceful and secure environment during turbulent times in their lives.

The new installation fulfils a desire by both management and residents to bring more light into one of the large common areas and create a better indoor climate. Today, the 150 m² room is the lightest and best functioning space in the building. In the words of the Manager, Kirsten Braad, “It’s a room full of possibilities”.

Points of light

The large central room was always a source of concern. With its large floor area and few façade windows the room was dark and dreary, offering little inspiration to the residents. The indoor climate was not good, either, and a closed fire door made it difficult to ventilate properly. The objective was therefore quite clear: to create a light and attractive room that was easy to ventilate and supported the residents’

"Everything is slim-line and uniform and the motor is integrated under the flashings. From the outside, the modules are very refined. Everything is concealed and well thought through.

Martin Løkkegaard,
Architect, maa

"I think the light makes a definite difference. It’s as if it’s always sunny inside, even when it isn’t outside. Even when you’ve seen it before, it’s a pleasant surprise every time you enter the room

Kirsten Braad,

Facts about the project

The planning phase 

  • The project took five months, from the introductory meeting to final installation 
  • There were four contractors’ meetings and one planning meeting 
  • The Building Group met eight times 
  • Installation was begun on 11 January 2012 and completed the same day

Parties involved in the project  

  • The Building Group, comprising leading representatives for the contractor (Region Sjælland and Orion), one representative for the residents, one from the VELUX Group, the architect and the installer 
  • The project was managed by Martin Løkkegaard from AG5 Architects 
  • The installer was Mejtech, represented by René Mehdahl

The solution

  • Four long lights staggered on both axes 
  • Twenty-two modules of various sizes 
  • Ten of these were openable for daily ventilation 
  • Five degree pitch

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