VELUX Dynamic Dome brightens Baltimore Distribution Center

276 VELUX Dynamic Dome Commercial Skylights brighten Baltimore distribution center.

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Baltimore Distribution Center
Developer: Tradepoint Atlantic
Architecture/Design: Macgregor Associates Architects
Roofing Contractor: Orndorff & Spaid
Skylight Distributor: Logistics Lighting
General Contractor: FCL Builders
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Project Type: Spec warehouse/distribution center
Product: 276 VELUX Dynamic Dome Commercial Skylights Model 4896 with LuxGuard Plus, Clear Polycarbonate over White Prismatic Polycarbonate glazing with VELUX aluminum curbs installed on a Johns Manville white TPO 60-mil roof system.


Sparrows Point Terminal, former home to Pennsylvania Steel and Bethlehem Steel, is being transformed into a modern intermodal hub that includes warehouse/distribution centers, rail and marine. Developers are striving to make the 3,100-acre site, renamed Tradepoint Atlantic, the gateway for industrial trade on the East Coast. At the center of the warehouse/distribution component is a 1.3-million-square-foot distribution center.


The distribution center developers specified a single 20-year warranty for the roofing system and skylights, and roofing, skylight and lighting systems that could contribute points toward LEED Silver certification. They also had roof dry in on a tight deadline.

Solution: VELUX Dynamic Dome

Commercial roofing installer Orndorff & Spaid bid the job with a Johns Manville TPO roof and sourced VELUX Dynamic Dome Commercial Skylights through Logistics Lighting, a national commercial and industrial skylight distributor. Logistics Lighting is able to offer an exclusive 20-year warranty on the Dynamic Dome that exceeds the VELUX standard warranty by five years, so Johns Manville could simply wrap the roof system and skylights into a single warranty.

VELUX Dynamic Dome brightens Baltimore Distribution Center
Inside the warehouse, light spill from the skylights overlaps to provide an evenly lit space.

“We do an edge-to-edge guarantee that includes all the accessories on the roof, making it much simpler for the owner to understand and to reach out if there’s a problem,” said Brad Burdic, Leader of Preferred Accounts at Johns Manville.

Logistics Lighting is so confident of the Dynamic Dome that its 20-year warranty exceeds the VELUX warranty by five years.

“VELUX is a great skylight for this JM project,” said Eric Huffman with Logistics Lighting. “The Dynamic Dome has some superior design features, such as thermal management, capturing more light, how it’s stacked on a pallet and how it’s able to be handled on the roof.”

The 276 Dynamic Dome Commercial Skylights are designed to harvest sunlight earlier in the morning and later in the afternoon when the sun is low on the horizon. In this distribution center, they work in tandem with an automated LED lighting system, which gradually dims the LEDs as more sunlight illuminates the interior to help save on lighting costs.

VELUX Dynamic Dome brightens Baltimore Distribution Center
Just as the sun rises over the horizon, Dynamic Dome skylights begin to harvest.

Quick Installation

Orndorff & Spaid used two, 10-person crews to install the roof membrane and skylights in just 35 days, beating their deadline. One crew installed the JM TPO 60-mil roof system, while a second crew worked behind them to install the skylights.

The Dynamic Dome features an outer frame with comfortable hand holds, so crew members could easily move them from the pallet to curb. With skylight positions marked on the roof, the skylight crew cut through the newly installed membrane, installed VELUX aluminum curbs, set and screwed the skylights into place, and flashed each curb with additional pieces of TPO.

VELUX Dynamic Dome brightens Baltimore Distribution Center
Comfortable hand-holds make it easy to carry the skylights on the roof.

Bright and Energy Efficient

Skylights and the white TPO roof membrane work together to boost the building’s energy efficiency. The TPO roof reflects light and heat away from the building, while the skylights provide natural light inside.

Installed at intervals to create overlapping light spill, the skylights create an evenly lit space for warehouse workers. On a sunny day, the level of light directly under the Dynamic Domes in the warehouse came up to 76 foot candles, well above the 50-foot candle target for high visual task environments.

VELUX Dynamic Dome brightens Baltimore Distribution Center
The skylight work in tandem with an LED lighting system, that dims as the natural light from the skylight increases.

That’s a happy, light-filled work environment for employees tasked with keeping shipments accurate and on-time.