Ridgelight with beam 5°

A roof made of glass

The VELUX ridgelight with beam 5° is the perfect solution for a wide variety of circulation spaces, gallery spaces and small internal courts where people meet to chat and relax or pass in transit. Ridgelight 5° is mounted

on a rail system that guarantees fast installation and a safe, economical building process. Ridgelight 5° creates the illusion of a glass roof with its discreet support beams. Ridgelight 5° can only be installed at a 5° pitch.

Sleek exterior profile


Let the light in

ATP in Vordingborg, Denmark.

26 modules of 900 x 2000 mm creates the illusion of a glass roof with discreet transverse horizontal supporting beams.

Kindergarden, Essen-Rüttenscheid, Germany. 

20 modules in the heart of the building complementing the colorful interior.

Cubity Campus Lichtwiese, Frankfurt, Germany.

12 living cubes for students enriched with natural daylight and ventilation.

Roskilde Cathedral School, Denmark. 

50 modules of 1000 x 1800 mm opens the school to the heavens. Just like a Cathedral school should.

Roskilde Cathedral School, Denmark. 

Daylight and ventilation are keywords in a healthy learning environment. The 24 venting modules are controlled with WindowMaster control system allowing the school to be ventilated automatically.

Roskilde Cathedral School, Denmark. 

The space beneath the large rooflight is used for presentations, lectures and project work.

ATP in Vordingborg, Denmark. 

Every second module in the installation is fitted with a fully integrated chain actuator that automatically ventilates the building.

ATP in Vordingborg, Denmark. 

The simplicity of the modular skylights design and the fully integrated actuator make it impossible to distinguish between fixed and venting modules when all are in closed position.

VELUX ridgelight 5° with beam features

The galvanized steel bracket system for fastening the module consists of two identical brackets and clamps in top and bottom, ensuring a precise and easy installation.
The prefabricated VELUX beams support the modules and create a 5 ° pitch.
The prefabricated modular flashing comes with integrated insulation and ensures a 100% waterproof installation and seamless integration between roof material and skylights.

The benefits of Dynamic Dome Skylights

Faster and more flexible installation

VELUX Ridgelight with beam 5°