Ridgelight 25-40˚

Self-supporting rooflights

The VELUX ridgelight 25-40° is a classic looking solution consisting of two rows of self-supporting skylights that add natural light and openness to the areas below. By placing two rooflights flush against each other, the building can take advantage of more natural daylight while creating a feeling of symmetry from the parallel lines of the ridgelight roof glazing.

Ridgelight 25-40° is mounted on standard steel profiles that enables a fast installation and a safe, economical building process. The ridgelight flashing allows for installations with a pitch from 25° to 40°. Due to horizontal forces, it is recommended to use a sub-construction of steel or concrete when mounting a ridgelight solution.

Sleek exterior profile


Let the light in

De Assenburg Shopping Mall, Bemmel, the Netherlands. 

90 modules of 1000 x 1800 and 900 x 1800 cm. 12 modules are venting.

Siemens Head Office, Ballerup, Denmark. 

A LEED certified building with 228 modules of 900 x 2200 mm. 

The installation holds functions of both ventilation and sunscreening.

Raiffeisenbank, Mengkofen, Germany.

Ridgelight installed in the ridge of the roof.

Alte Färberei, Trier, Germany.

44 modules of 1000 x 2000 mm installed in the old textile factory that now houses event facilities.

The Houtloods, Tilburg, the Netherlands. 

124 modules used in the transformation of an old railway warehouse. 

All glazing units facing south holds a sun protection coating for solar protection.

Gewerbehof, München, Germany.

260 modules used in the transformation of an old railway warehouse.

Siemens Head Office, Ballerup, Denmark. 

With pre-mounted roller blinds and fully integrated actuators, the installation of the rooflight was completed by only five people.

Ridgelight 25-40° features

Ridge top piece allows for pitches from 25-40°
All wiring and motors are built directly into the frame
Flashing adds the final touch and provides a watertight seal

The benefits of Dynamic Dome Skylights

Faster and more flexible installation

VELUX Ridgelight 25-40°