Blacow Elementary School

Fremont School District, California

 Blacow School

General Contractor: Strong Construction - Steve Strong

Products: curb system roof monitors with FCM curb mounted fixed skylights with laminated white glass

The Blacow Elementary School was chosen for its high visibility and central location within the Fremont School District.

This school is to be used as a model of daylighting for other schools in the district and more particularly an example of how to retrofit daylighting in an existing building with the best products available at a very reasonable cost. Ultimately, this new design will not only make the facility more appealing to students and staff alike, but will also save money by cutting lighting costs in the building. Brad Hermann, Principal, suggested using the multipurpose room which serves as the school dining hall as well as a venue for sporting activities, community events, arts/crafts and staff training.

The multipurpose room is 57' x 40' with 18' center ridge ceilings and 16 T-8 light fixtures, each containing 2-4 tubes. The approximate lighting cost is $1200 per year based on 180 days at $0.17 per kilowatt hour. The room is used by 500 students each day.