Dear 3 Star Preferred Installer,

We want to first thank you for your continued support of VELUX. The 2019 3-Star Preferred Program had its best year ever for the number of leads sent to you through the Pay Per Click Program. You took those leads and converted them into business and satisfied customers. A recent Installer Satisfaction Survey conducted this year showed the dedication you have towards your customers, where 92% of the time the entire installation process met or exceeded customer expectations. Keep up the great work, it’s making a difference.

In today’s landscape, VELUX continues to improve things for our customers, partners and consumers. This is actually one of the values our organization strives to meet day in and day out. Since 2016, the cost of Google top search terms like “skylight” and “skylight installation” have increased 25% nationally, as well as an increased presence of local competition. In an effort to continually enhance how we deliver the most qualified leads to you adjustments are being made to the 2020 paid search program.

Effective March 1, 2020, the program will be increasing your level slightly to reflect the increased cost and competition in the marketplace. This is the first time an increase has taken place since the program began in 2016.

  • $250 budget level is now $325
  • $375 budget level is now $487.50
  • $500 budget level is now $650
  • New budget level offered $975
  • New budget level offered $1,300

Your March 2020 invoice will show a holdback charge to align your previous holdback with your new budget level. The holdback is 2 months held in reserve allowing your ads to continue in case of credit card failure. If you were to leave the VELUX program, you would receive your holdback at that time minus any paid search fees. If you have questions about your level, please contact Erica Damman:

Historically, installers that have invested more into the paid search program have received a greater number of qualified leads. In an effort to optimize the number of leads and the program overall, we will continue the summer opportunity to temporarily increase your spend to give you the chance to net more leads during the busy season. Furthermore, we will continue to provide incremental support during inclement weather, such as hail storms.

We have seen sustained growth in leads since the program’s inception in 2016, and we anticipate even greater growth in the coming years through continued program improvements. We are excited to join you in bringing daylight and fresh air into more homes in 2020.

Last but not least, we will be moving to a new payment system in Q2 2020. This will allow your business to update its credit card and view all invoices for the program. Rather than having to go through VELUX. Look for an update on this in the months to come.

Thank you