The 5-Star Skylight Specialist Opportunity

This is an opportunity to:

  • Establish a new business transforming customers’ homes and lives with daylight and fresh air
  • Sell a turn-key solution that faces limited competition
  • Join an elite group of entrepreneurs dedicated to creating a brighter world
Installing VELUX skylights

The Opportunity

In 2007, we began partnering with 5-Star Skylight Specialists to build the strongest skylight installation service in the business. Now, with over 130 Skylight Specialists nationwide, the program is a proven success.

Homeowners crave daylight and fresh air, so we want to partner with select entrepreneurs to make their dream a reality. With VELUX products and the individual skills of your team, a wide variety of opportunities exist for you to choose from!

Select the level that best fits your company:

Power of the VELUX Brand

Leads are essential to any successful business. With a VELUX partnership, built on the success our brand has developed, you can capitalize on our national advertising program while tailoring your plans for your local market. Read on to find out how VELUX helps drive leads to 5-Star Skylight Specialists.

1. National Marketing

Widen your reach with national marketing powered by the VELUX brand.

  • Web, TV, PR, influencers, national print magazines 
  • Drive awareness and consideration

2. Skylight Specialist Microsite

Educate customers on your business with a personalized, customizable site.

  • Drive large-scale support and market perception.
  • Build search engine optimization (SEO) with the power of the 5-Star network
  • Local search support
5 Star Skylight Specialists Microsites

3. The VELUX LeadHub Program

Utilize VELUX’s own lead generation program to increase your consumer base.

  • Lead cultivation program
  • Consumer-driven strategy designed to inspire
  • Nurture customers through every step of the skylight purchase

4. Search Engine Marketing Campaigns

Optimize your business’s presence on the web and in search results.

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) program generates site traffic
  • Local market optimization
SEO Skylight Specialist - Pay Per Click

5. Find an Installer Locator

Customers in your area can easily locate you through VELUX’s installer locator.

  • Leads delivered directly through
  • Leads generated through VELUX affiliate sites
Find an Installer Locator

6. Local Marketing

Customize VELUX’s marketing materials to increase opportunities near you.

  • Drive leads with our support and local flavor
  • Home shows, online platforms like Home Advisor, and direct mail
  • Affinity program including fleeting solutions
5 star skylight specialist - local marketing

Lead Generation

Success happens when you invest in both the Skylight Specialist program and your individual business. While local efforts should result in 40% or more of your leads, VELUX’s lead generation program can help bridge the gap to successfully build your business. If generating a close rate of 50% with an average installation cost of $1,800, specialists in a market could see the following opportunities*:

Large markets: 750+ leads
Specialists in cities like Atlanta, Boston, and Seattle could potentially see $675,000+ in sales volume.

Medium market: 500+ leads
Specialists in cities like Raleigh, Sacramento, and St. Louis could potentially see $405,000+ in sales volume.

Small market: 200+ leads
Specialists in cities like Albuquerque, Huntsville, AL, and Portland, ME, could potentially see $180,000+ in sales volume.

*Lead estimates are combined using search engine marketing, LeadHub, and VELUX installer locators, all driven by national marketing. Quantity of leads is influenced by geography covered, investment amount in search engine marketing, and other local factors.

Invest In Your Business

Many businesses cost tens of thousands of dollars to start...but not a Skylight Specialist! This is your opportunity to own a franchise-like business without all the start-up fees.

The most successful Skylight Specialists start out as a small 1-2-person operation and grow into a multi-crew enterprise, often with a showroom for sales. Similarly, your business set-up can be as limited or involved as you’d like.

While your needs may vary, some basic investment is required:

  • Proper licensing for your local market
  • Meet insurance requirements
  • Vehicles and apparel with a professional appearance
  • Search engine marketing – Google AdWords & Display, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
  • Local marketing efforts
5 star skylight specialist - invest in your business

VELUX Support

5 star skylight specialists - support
A powerful combination is created when you couple your local business efforts with the best-selling skylight brand. That’s why VELUX is here to help you succeed.

Key VELUX Support Elements:
  • Comprehensive training program
  • Promotion and advertising funds
  • Personalized microsite
  • Search engine marketing support
  • Lead cultivation through LeadHub
  • Vehicle solution options (volume opportunities with leasing, vehicle wraps)
  • VELUX creative tools and templates

All of this plus local market support from the largest national sales force in the industry will help make your business a success! Let’s get started and brighten your future together.