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Skylight specialists

Skylight specialist

Being a part of the VELUX skylight specialist program is about more than just installing skylights. It is about partnering with the world's leading manufacturer of skylights. Here you will find information about the Skylight specialist program, and how VELUX provides you with a network of business opportunities.  

Choose between becoming a 5-star skylight specialist or a 3-star skylight specialist.

What is a skylight specialist? 

Spend a moment in the life of a skylight specialist.
Business opportunity

Learn more about the opportunities for this type of business and the business's relevance in today's market. 
Skylight specialist program 

Learn about the skylight specialist program and see why being a VELUX skylight specialist is the best choice for your business. 

Who VELUX wants
A look at what it takes to be a skylight specialist and who VELUX is looking to partner with.
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