Why Daylight?

Daylight is essential for sustainable urban development and is an important factor to consider when designing buildings and shaping our homes. Daylight helps to balance our 24-hour Circadian—or bodily— rhythm, and is vital to our general health and well-being. Nevertheless,  buildings often
 do not always make optimal use of daylight. VELUX offers skylights and sun tunnels with options that allow you to take advantage of daylight and views when your roof line does not permit vertical window placement.
VELUX Design Center - Before and After of Bathroom
VELUX Design Center - Before and After of Bonus Room
VELUX Design Center - Before and After of Living Room
VELUX Design Center - Before and After

What is the VELUX Design Center?

The VELUX Design Center provides builders and sales representatives with a visual means of communicating the effects of skylights in a space. We utilize a 3D design software in conjunction with a proprietary scientifically-accurate lighting calculator to produce simulations of home interiors before and after skylight installation to show the dramatic impact daylight can bring to a room.
VELUX Design Center can assist in making more informed decisions about daylight performance in your architectural design.

Contact your regional builder rep to submit a plan.
Builders are encouraged to submit floor plans to VELUX builder reps to ensure homeowners get an accurate representation of their home with VELUX skylights.

West Region
Brent Frank

Central Region
Mike Chance

North Atlantic Region
Michael Schwartz

VELUX Design Center Builder Rep Map

The Process

The VELUX Daylight Visualizer is a professional lighting simulation tool for analyzing daylight conditions in buildings. It is intended to promote the use of daylight and to aid professionals by accurately predicting and documenting daylight levels and appearance of a space prior to execution of the design.

The VELUX Daylight Visualizer uses variables such as location, directional orientation, time, and daylight levels to render a simulated image that is transferred into the 3D modeling software to apply and adjust light values of surface textures (such as cloth, wood, leather, etc.).

A finished result of two final renderings, one without skylights and one with skylights, is provided to show how impactful daylight is to a room. A motion-triggered digital picture frame can be provided to showcase the before and after imagery for the model home.
Bedroom before VELUX skylights are installed
BEdroom after VELUX Skylights are installed
Lighting conditions:
St. Louis, MO
June, 12:00pm, intermittent clouds
Bedroom light conditions before VELUX skylights are installed

Lighting conditions:
St. Louis, MO
June, 12:00pm, intermittent clouds

Light conditions for a Bedroom if VELUX skylights are installed