VELUX was founded on a vision of daylight, fresh air and outlook under the sloping roof.

Since then, the process of product development has never stood still.

The first roof windows were highly innovative, considering the materials available in wartime, and innovation has remained at the very centre of the development of VELUX ever since.

Constant product development
The development challenges are to continue to provide our customers with the best possible products in terms of quality, functionality and value-for-money.

We want to remain ahead of the competition in every way and to develop new ways of enhancing life by delivering daylight and fresh air.

Research into daylight
VELUX has a natural interest in – and feels a special obligation towards – ensuring that people focus on daylighting factors, and daylight quality in buildings in particular.

Research into daylight is an important part of our development activities as we spend up to 90% of our time indoors, either at work or at home. This makes it especially important to take into account the best possible daylight conditions in building design.

We have, therefore, commissioned extensive research into daylight quality and are now sharing the findings at conferences, in magazines and with the business community.

The research shows that roof windows provide more and better daylight than other types of windows and we hope this will lead to the development of an objective method for comparing different types of windows.