Old visions do not disappear - they become the building stones on which we stand to formulate new visions and reach even further into our envisioned future."
- Our VELUX Home (1997)

We have always taken a long term view of the business development of VELUX and worked to clear and consistent objectives and strategies which are formulated to have long term validity.

Thus it is the case that we can track the major milestones of VELUX through a series of simple and clear statements which, from the time that they were introduced, gave us positive directions for the future.

Three stages of the evolution of the Group can be traced from these milestones. From the early 1940's, the emphasis was primarily on product development and improvement.

"To develop a roof window which in every respect is just as good as the best vertical window."
- Villum Kann Rasmussen (1942)

From the 1960's to the early 1990's, there was a period in which overseas market development was added as a major objective, without ever detracting from product development work.

"It is our goal worldwide to extend the use of utilized attics and to ensure and further develop the leading position which the VELUX roof window (the first roof window in the world which is in every respect as good as the best vertical window that is known) has today as the window for the sloping roof."
- Villum Kann Rasmussen (1965)

In 1981 KR expressed this vision, referring to the colour of the VKI logo;
"We will paint the world blue." - Villum Kann Rasmussen (1981)

From the mid-1990's, a third dimension of consolidation and unification has been added to ensure that the achievements of the Group in product and market development are disciplined, focused and true to the standards we have set for ourselves; 1997 Our VELUX Home:

"It is our ambition to convince all people that The Living Attic* is the source of optimum living and working space, and that our customers rate VELUX as the best company within the building supply and home improvement industry."
- Our VELUX Home (1997)

* The Living Attic means daylight, fresh air, and outlook for people who live, work, relax and enjoy themselves under the sloping roof.

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