"We will paint the world blue."
- Villum Kann Rasmussen

Denmark is a country with an enviable record of design and innovation in many categories - furniture, hi-fi, medical electronics, pumps, valves, toys and, of course, roof window systems.

Every innovative Danish company quickly needs to look overseas for business development opportunities and, in the early 1940's, VELUX was just such a company. Sales of VELUX windows in other countries began as early as 1944 when a license agreement was signed in Sweden.

This was followed by exports to the UK and Norway in 1950, and Germany and Ireland in 1952. More European development followed and, by 1965, the worldwide expansion of VELUX was well under way but, with so many opportunity areas still to be explored, it was a good time to define the global vision in 1965:

"It is our goal worldwide to extend the use of utilized attics and to ensure and further develop the leading position which the VELUX roof window has today as the window for the sloping roof."
Villum Kann Rasmussen (1965)

From 1965 onwards, the clear goal of the group was global development, into every market where VELUX products and services were compatible with design, architecture, climate and customer needs.

In 1975, VELUX took the leap across the Atlantic, establishing sales and production companies in the USA. Canada soon followed. New products were developed for these markets which reflected the traditions for skylights and screening, with a special 'scissor-opener' for the TPS, a top hinge window with a screen.

In the 1980's, sales companies were established in Chile, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. For the Japanese market in particular, VELUX has developed products especially suited to the climate and architecture.

More recently, the focus of market development has been on Eastern Europe, beginning with a joint venture in Hungary in 1986. Since then, a number of Eastern European markets have followed, including Russia, Poland and the Baltic States. Other important developments include China - holding many intriguing opportunities for the future.

Today, VELUX is a truly global company, marketing products virtually everywhere the roof window or skylight is applicable and setting out to maintain consistent standards in everything we do - production, marketing, sales, service and support.

The VELUX name and logo are registered trademarks in more than 70 countries and, from small beginnings, we have established a global brand with registered sales companies in 40 markets.