"One experiment is better than a thousand expert opinions."
- Villum Kann Rasmussen

The VELUX story begins in 1941 when Villum Kann Rasmussen first perceived the opportunities that lay beneath the sloping roof, developed the first roof window and thought up a name which is distinctive, easy to say and easy to remember.

From that day to this, the mission has been the same. All that has changed is the scale of the enterprise - from one man contemplating a dark roof space of a school building to a global company operating in just about every market in which our products and services are applicable. From the very beginning, bold ideas were conceived, visions formulated and subsequently fulfilled through dedication and great personal effort from everybody. For many years, the VELUX culture developed within the company without manuals or instructions until the 1990's when, in response to growth all over the globe, the need to write down our visions, our goals and our strategies was recognized and expressed in 'Our VELUX home'.

The VELUX business is built on two foundations:

  • The Model Company formulation - why we exist
  • The VELUX Core Values - what we stand for.

Foundations are built to last and the Model Company and the VELUX Core Values will be valid throughout the lifetime of our company as the building blocks on which new visions will develop.

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