VELUX home

Our foundation consists of two important parts:
the Model Company - our "raison d'être" -
and our values - what we stand for.

A foundation is built to last. In the same way, the Model Company and our values will apply for the whole of our company's lifetime.

The VELUX Vision expresses the future we envisage, supported by vivid descriptions of what it will be like to achieve it.

It must be an out of the ordinary goal, but achievable. It must be daring and exciting and stimulate progress. It must accord with the foundation and must apply for a long time (10-20 years).

Our day-to-day business is based on business strategies, business objectives, plans, budgets and activities. In it, we must ensure cohesion in our organisation while prioritising local needs. Our focus is on the customers - internal and external - and on constantly improving our activities and efforts.

We must ensure that there is cohesion and unity in everything we do so that it supports the development of our business. It is important that we all know the goals and framework so that they are relevant to us and encourage commitment. It is also important to build up good relationships and create the possibility for development.

All in all, these are the components of Our VELUX Home. We are all committed to ensuring its continued development. And achieving the VELUX Vision will be a vital step in the right direction.