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Around-the-world knowledge on daylight and fresh air

VELUX is proud to be the title sponsors of VELUX 5 OCEANS - renowned as the longest, toughest event for any individual in any sport. The sponsorship of this solo around- the-world adventure is the perfect match for the VELUX key values - daylight and fresh air.

Single-handed across five oceans in thoroughbred racing yachts, facing all the extremes of nature! This is the challenge for the skippers in the VELUX 5 OCEANS and parallel to the requirements to the VELUX core products - roof windows and skylights - exposed to all kinds of weather. Our products must always deliver the very best under all conditions - regardless of cold, storms, dry spells or blizzards. Quality, technology and endurance are the key words.

VELUX 5 OCEANS is the perfect match for our brand, values, strategies and markets. VELUX works with daylight in buildings and thus with the natural environment’s importance for the well-being of human beings. The characteristics of yachting correspond to our company’s ambition of constantly mastering the elements and having the commitment to push boundaries.

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