What can you do?

When you open the windows to air out your home, the stale air is exchanged with fresh air within 5-20 minutes, especially if you make use of the stack effect.
When the outside temperature is 10-15°C or less, humidity will also fall. Even in cold months, the walls, floor and furniture will lose only very little warmth and soon regain their original temperature.
Good indoor air quality helps prevent asthma and allergies and improves your overall well-being and performance.



Take action!


Air out your home
at least three times a day using the stack effect, in particular the bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms.

    Keep the bathroom door shut
when showering, wipe off walls and floor, and open the bathrooms windows when finished.

Ventilate your room with short and frequent airings rather than fewer and longer periods

Increase airing in the early heating season, when condensation is more likely to occur.


Do not dry wet clothes and other things indoors.

Avoid placing pieces of furniture against outer walls.


Always put a lid on pots and pans when cooking – this will also help save energy.


Keep window vents and flaps open
to ensure background ventilation.