Cut trees

VELUX America Inc. is committed to developing environmentally friendly products and producing them in a responsible manner. To accomplish our goals of energy efficiency and sustainable manufacturing practices, we are continuously working to improve our environmental health and safety. In all areas of our processes, including raw materials, production methods, use of technologically advanced equipment, and product design, VELUX America Inc. is nearly emissions-free and all of the materials used in our manufacturing processes are non-hazardous. All paint and finishing of our products are water-based for safer disposal and to reduce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) released into the environment.

VELUX develops, manufactures and markets products that provide and control daylight and fresh air in buildings. Our activities involve the procurement and processing of natural resources. This places upon us a direct obligation towards the environment. While upholding our tradition of quality and craftsmanship, built over more than half a century, and conducting our business in a profitable manner, we will continually assess and develop our environmental efforts.

We will:
  • Design our products so that their environmental impact during manufacture, use and disposal is diminished.
  • Use raw materials, water and energy efficiently in order to diminish our effect on the environment.
  • Reduce emissions, waste and discharges from our activities.
  • Maintain high standards of safety at work for our employees and encourage sound attitudes toward the environment in our field of activities.
  • Cooperate with our suppliers, customers and other business partners to achieve higher environmental standards.
  • Remain alert to new opportunities enhancing the environmental soundness of our products and manufacturing methods beyond what is generally expected.

January 1997