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Utilize energy the right way

Getting the most out of free solar energy
During the day windows supply the building with heat energy. In the evening and at night, when temperatures drop, the windows slowly begin to loose heat to the surroundings. In order to prevent large daily temperature fluctuations VELUX recommends that you install suitable sunscreening products optimizing the building's energy balance.

How suncreening affects temperature and energy efficiency
Through an appropriate use of sunscreening you will keep heat out in the summer and retain heat in the room in the winter. Without the use of sunscreening room temperatures may rise or fall quickly depending on outside weather. If you use sunscreening correctly, you can let the sun heat up your room by day and roll down by night to retain free heating.

Ensure a better energy balance for your home


Consider the sun's orbit

The four corners of the world determine how sunlight hits your home. This affects your rooflight and the volume of heat energy entering the house.Read more

Utilize energy the right way

Heat energy can pass both in and out of your home. Through the right use of sunscreening, you will obtain a better control of energy.Read more