Project planning

Will the new ZZZ 213 trim kit be white to match the skylight?
Does the ZZZ 199 accessory tray have any flexibility for larger or smaller curbs?
We were able to install an AT on a Texas size curb (22” x 46”) by stopping the sheetrock groove at a predetermined height and removing the white TPE gasket from the tray. So there is minimal flexibility if you’re willing to get a little creative.
How long does it take to receive an order?
Most items ship within 24 hours and arrive at your local dealer within 2 to 4 business days. Some special order items may take longer.
What spacings are available for COMBI-FLASHING®?

For skylights, COMBI-FLASHING is available for side-to-side spacings of 2 1/2" (minimum) to 12" (maximum), in 1/2 inch increments. Over and under spacings must be 4" from wood frame to wood frame.

For roof windows however, the frame to frame spacing is only available in 4" dimensions for both side to side and over-under. Please Contact Us for further details.

Can I convert my fixed skylight into a venting one?
No. It would be necessary to replace the fixed skylight with a ventilating unit.
Who are the VELUX® dealers in my area?
A list of VELUX dealers in your area can be found in our Dealer Locator.  
Can I convert a manual blind or shade into one that is operated electrically?
A manual blind cannot be converted into an electric blind. The manual blind would have to be removed and replaced with an electric blind and an electric power supply.
What glazing types do you offer?
VELUX offers COMFORT tempered glass and COMFORTPLUS safety glass. Other special glass options are also available such as Impact glass for hurricane prone areas and tinted or opaque glass for commercial applications.
What colors do your skylights come in?
The cladding on the early FCM curb mounted skylight is black in color. All current skylight units, including FCM, are umber-grey, often called bronze in the industry. However, copper and special colors are available upon request.
Does VELUX make custom sized skylights?
VELUX can make some custom sized skylights that vary from the standard sizes. We can also make many custom sizes for the FCM curb mounted skylight.
Where can I find specifications on your products?
In the CAD drawings and specifications section of our site.
Why is roof pitch important for skylight installations?
Each of our flashing kits are engineered with specific pitch requirements. The roof pitch is important because it ensures that the roof has the proper slope to effectively drain water off of both the flashing and the skylight. The roof pitch and the roofing material used are both important in determining the type of flashing needed.
How do I measure my roof pitch?

The most accurate method for measuring your roof pitch is with a pitch gauge placed on the roof itself. This gives an accurate degree measurement of your roof slope. (A pitch gauge can be purchased at local building supply stores.) The alternative is to measure the rise of your roof divided by the run of your roof.

Can I apply a film to the glass to decrease heat and light?
VELUX does not recommend the addition of any store-bought film to the glass of our skylights. The addition of store-bought film or tint will void the warranty on the glass. However, our glass is manufactured with a Low-E coating and injected with Argon gas that make our skylights very energy efficient. In addition, we also offer several sunscreening options that can be added to our skylights and roof windows to regulate light and heat.
What flashing should I use with the FCM skylight?
The ECL step flashing system is used with FCM curb mounted skylights on shingle/shake roofs. Custom flashing solutions should be used for other roofing materials.
Are your skylights available in special colors?
Skylight cladding and flashing can be painted a color you request. Send us a paint sample of the color you need and the window cladding and flashing will be painted to match. This increases the price of the skylight by $60 and the price of the flashing by $60. The lead time for special color units is 4 to 6 weeks. The special color paint will not be Kynar 500, as with our standard umber-grey units, so the paint on the special color units is not covered by our warranty.
Are insect screens available for your roof windows and venting skylights?
Yes, insect screens are available for all of our ventilating units. To ensure that you receive the correct screen for your window, please obtain the serial number from that unit. If you have any questions regarding this, contact customer service at 800-888-3589.
Who are the installers in my area?
For a list of VELUX® Certified Installers, visit the Installer Locator on the VELUX Solutions website.
What flashing do I use to group skylights together?
VELUX COMBI-FLASHING® is engineered for this purpose. However the pitch of the roof must be 3/12 (15°) or greater. EKL COMBI-FLASHING is designed for thinner roofing materials (shingles, shakes), EKW COMBI-FLASHING is for higher profile materials (Spanish tile) and EKM COMBI-FLASHING  is now available for metal roofing. Please contact us for more information.
How do I find product certification and other tested performance information on your web site?

Go to Codes and Regulations and use the drop-down boxes as follows:

  • Category - select and item from the list, then click and wait for the page to refresh.
  • Sub Category - select a specific area of interest.
  • Click on the document(s) to view the detailed information needed.  If you do not find what you need, please let us know the details of your requirements.