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On the price guide is says that the power supply kit will not be available until March 2010. Does this mean that FS and FCM skylights will be without electric blinds until then?
Effectively yes unless they are wired with a VSE or VCE skylight.
Can I convert my fixed skylight into a venting one?
No. It would be necessary to replace the fixed skylight with a ventilating unit.
What glazing types do you offer?
VELUX offers TEMPERED glass and LAMINATED safety glass. Other special glass options are also available such as impact glass for hurricane prone areas and white laminated glass for commercial applications. Please refer to the website for additional glazing.
What colors do your skylights come in?
All current skylight and roof window units are a neutral grey color that blends well with most roofing materials. However, copper cladding is available upon request for deck mounted skylights and select roof windows.
Can VELUX® skylights be turned and installed sideways?
The only VELUX skylights that can be installed sideways are the fixed curb mounted skylight (FCM) and fixed pan-flashed skylights (QPF). All VELUX deck-mounted and other units and flashing systems have a "true top" and are not to be installed sideways. If deck-mounted or other units are installed sideways, the warranty on the product will be void.
What do I do if I see clouding or fogging between the panes of glass?
Clouding or fogging of an insulating glass unit occurs when there is a break in the inner seal between the glass panes. As a result condensation forms between the two panes. Units manufactured after January 1, 2000 have a 20 year seal warranty. If you encounter a problem with the seal of your glass, obtain the serial number from the roof window or skylight and contact VELUX. We will be glad to help you determine if your product warranty is still in effect, and what actions can be taken to correct the issue with the seal.
How many skylights can be installed with one roll of ZOZ 216 VELUX adhesive underlayment?
This depends on the size of the skylights being installed. A roll of ZOZ 216 adhesive underlayment is 21 feet long and 9 inches wide.
Does VELUX make custom sized skylights?
VELUX can make some custom sized skylights that vary from the standard sizes shown in the price guide. We can make many custom sizes for the FCM curb mounted skylight. Please contact customer service for specific details.
Why is roof pitch important for skylight installations?
Each of our flashing kits are engineered with specific pitch requirements. The roof pitch is important because it ensures that the roof has the proper slope to effectively drain water off of both the flashing and the skylight. The roof pitch and the roofing material used are both important in determining the type of flashing needed.
Can the glass in existing VELUX skylights and roof windows be replaced?
Replacement glass is available, and it can be easily installed in most models. On venting skylights manufactured after April of 1996, the entire operating sash must be replaced. If glass replacement is needed for the FCM and QPF, the skylight lens can quickly and easily be replaced.
How do the sunscreen accessories stay flush with the skylight?

Sunscreening accessories are attached to the frame or sash with Pick&Click! ™ mounting brackets. The sunscreening material is held next to the glass area with side rails.

How far do venting skylights such as the VS or VCM manual venting skylights open?
All sizes open approximately 11”.
Can I apply a film to the glass to decrease heat and light?
VELUX does not recommend the addition of any store-bought film to the glass of our skylights. The addition of store-bought film or tint will void the warranty on the glass. However, our glass is manufactured with a LoE coating and injected with Argon gas that make our skylights very energy efficient. In addition, we also offer several sunscreening options that can be added to our skylights and roof windows to regulate light and heat.

What do I use to manually operate my ventilating skylight or accessory?
For venting skylights installed out-of-reach a ZCT 300 or ZMT 300 telescopic rod can be used.  For accessories out of reach a ZXT 200 “7 hook” can be used.  For skylights installed within reach a ZZZ 201 crank handle can be used.  Blinds installed within reach are operated by hand.
Is the wood slat that is nailed or positioned at the top of the skylight supposed to be removed before installation?
Yes. The wood slat nailed to the top of skylights is there solely for packing/shipping purposes. That slat is to be removed before the unit is installed.
What is LAMINATED copper?
The copper portion of the description refers to the cladding on the unit. Instead of being the standard aluminum cladding, the unit is manufactured with copper cladding. The LAMINATED glass is the same in this unit as it is in any other unit. The copper only refers to the cladding material. The corner keys on copper skylights remain our standard neutral grey color, which blends well once the copper naturally patinas on the roof. When you order a copper clad skylight it is also important to order the copper flashing as well.
Are insect screens available for your roof windows and venting skylights?
Yes, insect screens are included with venting skylights and are available separately for all of our roof windows. To ensure that you receive the correct new or replacement screen for your window, please obtain the serial number from that unit. If you have any questions regarding this, contact customer service at 800-888-3589.
What are the u-values and solar heat gain coefficients (SHGC) for VELUX skylights?
View the performance values.

Where is the serial number on my skylight?
Each skylight or roof window has two identification numbers. One number is on the metal spacer between the two panes of glass after the word VELTERM. This VELTERM number is the glass identification number. The other number is found on a data plate attached to the wood of the unit. The location of the data plate depends on the product model and date of manufacture. Visit the Self Help section of the VELUX Solutions website to determine where to look for the tag number for your model.
What flashing do I use to group skylights together?
VELUX COMBI-FLASHING® is engineered for this purpose. However, the pitch of the roof must be 14° (3:12) or greater. EKL COMBI-FLASHING is designed for thinner roofing materials (shingles, shakes), and EKW COMBI-FLASHING is for higher profile materials (Spanish tile). Please contact us for more information.
Does VELUX® manufacture residential dome (bubble) skylights?
No. VELUX manufactures only dual pane, argon gas filled, LoE coated, flat glass skylights for most heated and cooled spaces, such as homes. The glass used in VELUX products is very energy efficient and does not deteriorate like the plastic in bubbles or domes. A range of VELUX commercial skylights are made of durable, energy efficient plastic double-domes due to the typical large opening size required in these type applications.
Can I get special glass in my roof window or skylight?
We do have some special glass options available. The lead time on units with special glass is 4 to 8 weeks. You can inquire about glazing options with your local dealer, or contact our Customer Service Department at 800-88-VELUX.
What is a roof window?

Roof Window is a unit designed for installation "in-reach". The Roof Window sash can be pivoted so the homeowner can clean the exterior pane of glass from inside the home. Some larger Roof Window models meet building code requirements for egress (emergency escape). Many times Roof Windows are installed in attics being used as living space. Skylights, on the other hand, are usually installed in "out-of-reach" applications.